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Join me and become a guest author

Please read the instructions for becoming a guest writer before you send over your article. These standards help me keep the entire website working on a high-quality level and it helps me get more users to read your articles.

Short Instructions


Deliver your complete author bio. Through your profile description, your readers can get to know you and even connect with you to pursue a business opportunity.



Send an author image (min 500x500), the links to your social media, and write a short profile description including 1 dofollow link to your website.


Every article must be at least 1000 words long (preferably 1500+). Use H2, H3, and H4 subheadings and make sure that you always keep up to 300 words between your subheadings. Make your content easily skimmable to your users.


Use 3-4 sentences per paragraph for better readability. Use bullet points as often as you can. No affiliate links! But it is okay to link out to a website that offers additional information on the topic.


Make sure that your article contains a few images and possibly that you embed a YouTube video in the body of the blog post. This way, we'll deliver more content formats to our users and provide more information.


Don't use links in your subheadings. Pay attention to grammar and writing style - use Grammarly and Hemingway tools for better writing.


Make sure that you include a CTA at the end of your article so your readers can get enticed to comment and reach out!

And that's it!

Send a link to your article (Google Docs or similar) to and we'll soon be in touch!

You want more results, sales, and online traffic? I'll help you get there.

Reach out to me for a free consultation! 


Thanks! We'll soon be in touch.

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